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Happy 24th birthday EMMA WATSON

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HAIM @ Coachella 11/04/14

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Natalie Mayne | Nala | FC: Emma Watson | Age: 19 | OPEN |

Natalie is Sara’s best friend and has been for a while, they both love to go out and have fun and just live carefree! One night when they were heading to a party, Sara had to stop at her cousins house to grab a pair of heels she lent Kira, when they walked inside Kira grabbed Sara’s arm and dragged her upstairs to get the heels, leaving Natalie alone with a tall blonde handsome man leaning against the wall. She introduced herself and he grunted in response and continued to glare at her. When she asked his name and he replied none of your buisness, that was the last straw! This guy needed to be put in his place, so Natalie put him there. She yelled at him about being rude for no reason, and how he’ll end up being all alone and out casted if he keeps pushing people away. She ended her speech with storming out of their house and waiting in the car, later that night she got a text from an unknown number that said three simple words that changed her life forever “you’re right -Simon”. Since then they have been friends and Natalie has been trying to keep him in check, but it doesn’t always work out the way she wants it to.

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Happy 20th Birthday, Saoirse Una Ronan!

I was worried about suddenly growing up and finding that people are still doing everything for me. It’s not even just Mam – there’s a lot of people on set who look after the actors. The whole thing is, ‘You can’t upset the actors!’ I’m not into all that. I started feeling I needed to do more for myself.”
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Me? Books and cleverness. There are more important things: Friendship and bravery.

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